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Special wedding cocktail bar

An original animation for your wedding

Find our wedding cocktail entertainment on our new site:

une animation originale cocktail pour mariage original
cocktail recommandé par zankyou mariage

Original animation for

your Wedding: a real cocktail bar

Color codes, themes, tastes, we associate our cocktails with your desires. Our work is ideally combined with that of your caterer, and our bartender can offer you food and cocktail pairings.

With or without alcohol, organic, kosher, we adapt to the spirit of your wedding in order to offer you a prestigious bar service and accompany you throughout this day.

Don't forget to add a touch of spectacular with our juggling bartender show, essential to ignite your event

We can offer you 3 types of services specially adapted for your weddings:

barman cocktail pour le vin d'honneur

the pre-wedding cocktail "le vin d'honneur" 

Greet your guests with a cocktail bar in keeping with the theme of your wedding ceremony. Our bartender team brings a full bar to the place of your event and offers to serve your guests for the duration of the cocktail reception.

We can offer you fresh and light aperitif cocktails which will allow your families and friends to take advantage of our services without feeling the inconvenience of excessive consumption at the start of the evening.

Party bar, post-wedding cocktail

Our flair bartender intervenes with his mobile bar at the place of your reception and sets up the bar before the arrival of the guests.

A scenic and choreographed show lasting 7 to 9 minutes is scheduled for the opening of the dance party and the cocktail bar.

The barman will make a series of 10 cocktails before your eyes while doing the show. Then, it takes place behind its counter to serve your guests and friends until the early hours.

Brunch the next day

NProfitez de cocktails frais et désaltérants pour accompagner votre brunch. Nous pouvons également vous proposer des smoothies de fruits frais, des cocos fraîches, des jus d'oranges pressées à la minute,...

Nous sommes avec vous tout au long de votre événement. Nous mettons en place les structures nécessaires afin de vous accompagner pour toute la durée de votre mariage.

Du vin d'honneur jusqu'au petit matin tout sera mis en oeuvre afin de rendre votre soirée inoubliable avec la tranquilité d'avoir recours au service de vrais barmans professionnels.

Le show barman jongleur est inclus dans cette prestation.

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