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Atelier cocktail, Team building mixologique, Formation cocktail  

accessoires cocktails

Vous trouverez ici toutes nos animations ludiques et participatives.

Que ce soit sur un séminaire, un salon, un buffet dinatoire, ou un enterrement de vie de jeune fille, nous pouvons vous proposer des animations, des cours de cocktails, des team building adaptés à la durée et aux nombres d'invités que compte votre événement.


de 50 à 500 personnes

composé et personnalisé votre cocktails grâce a notre buffet cocktail et son barman animateur




cocktail workshops

one of the activities most appreciated by our customers ... the cocktail workshops

After installing all the accessories necessary for making cocktails, our trainer bartender will teach you the main principles of mixology and then will explain step by step how to make 2 cocktails.

A small sweet or savory sweet break can be added to the service between each cocktail made, to make this cocktail course even more convivial.

This workshop can accommodate from 5 to 150 people simultaneously over a period ranging from 1H to 1H30

This workshop can be offered without alcohol if your guests wish.

animation cours de cocktails

Team building: cocktail challenge

Connect, build team spirit and have a good time. Here are the objectives of our team building master cocktail.

Over an approximate duration of 2 hours, the teams of bartenders and bartenders in the making, will have to carry out a succession of tests aiming to take advantage of each person's natural skills and to organize themselves in order to be elected the "master cocktail team"


  • team building

  • classic cocktail workshop to learn a basic cocktail

  • explanation of the master cocktail challenge

  • assignment of roles in each team

  • cocktail culture quiz

  • blind tasting (optional)

  • creation of a cocktail from a display of fresh products

  • creation of an argument and an advertisement or slogan for the cocktail (name, target, explanation of the choice of ingredients)

  • flair movements (optional)

  • technical gestures of the tiered cocktail (optional)

the final :

  • presentation of the cocktail / team in front of everyone

  • deliberation of the jury and calculation of points

  • designation of the winning team

  • presentation of the trophy or gift (optional)

animation team building a perpignan
atelier cocktail evjf a Montpellier

Express cocktail

Unique and fun concept where your guests will make and taste the cocktail they have made themselves.

Under the guidance and thanks to the advice of the chief bartender, the guests will, step by step, make their mojitos, cosmopolitans or other classic cocktails in less than 5 minutes.

The service includes all bar equipment and essential products for making cocktails.

In successive waves of apprentices, the flow of this animation-oriented cocktail bar workshop is 70/80 cocktails produced per hour.

Ideal for all your buffets and aperitifs.

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